Hello Lightbulb is less of a blog and more of an ongoing story, a story of two creatives from different backgrounds, of different races, and different writing hands, who found each other on this vast network of computers we call the internet, fell in love, got married and make all kinds of things together.
We created this as a platform to share our thoughts, projects, and discoveries from our journey through life. Or as we like to call it, our lightbulb moments.
We have recently discovered our favourite past time, creating games together. We both have strong design backgrounds but on our current game dev project Hannah has taken the reigns with the art style and designs, lovingly animating everything pixel by pixel. Oliver enjoys a good challenge and he is channeling his super awesome coding skills into learning Haxe Flixel and creating the intricate code behind Scales: A Pangolin Story. We hope to one day be able to hang out together everyday and work on games full time. 
Oh also we have a blog... just musings on travel, life and things. Check it out... 
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