Now that development of Scales is in full swing it’s so satisfying to look back at how far we have come and feel a glowing sense of accomplishment. For myself (Hannah) I am amazed that somewhere inside I possessed the sticking power to keep going with this side project! I am renown for biting off more than I can chew with epic side projects and losing steam after a couple of months which leaves me feeling super dejected and like a failure. With Scales I feel so far from throwing in the towel, every finished sprite motivates me to move onto the next and see it in action. I am proud to say that to date I have hand pixel animated a whopping 238 sprites!! Also I think Oliver plays a huge part in encouraging my stickablilty on Scales, it brings me so much joy working together to create something that's ours.​​​​​​​
There is so much complexity involved in creating each character and pixelating the animations, but I feel like I’m starting to streamline the processes and have systems in place for higher productivity. It’s all such a  learning curve and very enjoyable! The only downside is that I struggle with what Oliver calls “feature creep” where looking back at the sprites I did right at the start of the game I KNOW I could improve them so much if only we could go back and re-do. My very patient lovely husband always restrains me from doing so as it would dramatically slow down the game production and apparently peoples first games are never their best so I should ‘save’ my best for our next game *sigh*. But I guess he is correct, I believe Phil Fish re-illustrated FEZ three times!!!

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