We should start a blog
When two creatives find themselves in a relationship it only makes sense to create something together using the best of their skills. A way of sharing ideas with each other, learning more about each other, and to build something they can bother be proud of. For us, we believe a blog is a perfect embodiment of that project, a way to document our story, including ups, downs and everything in between, regardless of how random. We don’t plan to make lots of money from this or rub our relationship in the face of others. It’s just something we want to work on together, on a regular basis.

Why ‘Hello Lightbulb’? Aside from our day jobs and other commitments, we both enjoy working on side projects. From writing a script for a TV show to building a site that sends nice emails to people every day, we like to keep ourselves busy, each project is brought about by an idea, a skill we want to improve or a way for us to help out in the world. Ideas are difficult to come by,  but when a good one comes along the feeling of sudden enlightenment that engulfs the discoverer is incredible. We want welcome to document that feeling, our light bulb moments, and have one place to share what we create with others, hence the name 'Hello Lightbulb’.

I don’t want to bore you with the details on how the site was created, but I will give a quick overview for those who are interested. The site is a custom hand-crafted Tumblr theme with none of the branding. We felt Tumblr  was the easiest and simplest content management system to get up and running with a blog. We didn’t feel the need to go as complex as WordPress, or as simple as a medium blog. The logo was also hand drawn with a Wacom Bamboo tablet in Illustrator. Our fonts are all free from Google fonts and the pictures we put on the site are either taken with our Leica camera or from Unsplash. We are planning to upgrade the camera at some point but this will do for now.

We want to thank you so much for any time you spend on this site, we’re glad anything we’ve made has drawn your interest here and kept you long enough to read all of our first post. We hope you’ll continue to follow our future projects and progress, we’re also always happy to receive feedback. Have a great day.